Simple, yet powerful.

At Digital Concierge Group we provide technology solutions to simplify and beautify your home or office entertainment environment. Whether you’re looking for audio, TV, internet or complete home automation we have curated a collection of the best and most reliable tools available. Today’s technology allows us to offer open platforms that don’t lock you into a single source control solution that is overpriced and immediately outdated. Our ease of use designs enables you to expand and enjoy every dimension of your technology as you choose without being tied to a limited or complicated control system. 

Different than a traditional Audio Visual (AV) company, we believe that AV has transformed today into Information Technology (IT) home solutions. So much of the home and office can now be controlled from just your phone anywhere in the world. Your music should be controlled by your voice, your TV should be accessible anywhere in the world and your HVAC system should automate to save you money. These are a few of the many examples available today in the rapid growth of low cost home control. Many companies have not embraced this dramatic change but we believe that your home should be a combination of Audio Visual and Information Technology. 

Digital Concierge Group was established with one goal in mind: To build a lasting relationship with our clients by understanding their vision, and converting that vision into reality. We aim to provide a robust, convenient, and enjoyable technology environment tailored to your specific lifestyle. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled experiences and solutions to our clients with white glove service. We look forward to working with you and enhancing your life with our solutions.